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Do you love spending time out in the fresh air, surrounded by nature? Are you thinking about switching careers but dreading becoming confined to an office or retail environment? Do you want a job that pays well and also offers flexible hours? If so, then a career choice involving the outdoors could be right for you.

Here we will look at some of the most exciting Outdoor Careers where your day can be spent frolicking among nature while earning great money at the same time. From national park rangers to ski instructors – no matter your preferences there are plenty of outdoor careers that offer both ample flexibility and lucrative returns! Read on to find one perfect for you!

Outdoor Careers offer; a combination of fun and outdoor activities with flexibility and financial reward

Are you tired of the daily grind, staring at a computer screen for hours on end? What if you could combine your love for outdoor activities with a rewarding career that also provides flexibility and financial stability? It may seem too good to be true, but there are countless opportunities for careers that offer just that. Imagine leading wilderness expeditions, teaching surfing lessons, or working as a park ranger.

These Outdoor Careers not only allow you to surround yourself with nature, but they also provide a sense of fulfillment and purpose. And with the rise in popularity of outdoor activities, there is no shortage of demand for skilled professionals in these fields. So why not trade in your cubicle for a kayak and enjoy a career that combines fun, the outdoors, and financial reward?

Outdoor Careers offer; flexible hours, financial rewards and an outdoor environment

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to balance work and personal life. That’s why having a career that offers flexible hours, financial rewards and an outdoor environment is crucial. It not only allows you to balance both aspects of your life but also provides you with an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Imagine being able to work remotely, set your own schedule and have the flexibility to travel while earning a substantial income. Moreover, an outdoor environment can help you reduce stress and improve physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it’s time to break free from the traditional 9-to-5 office jobs and pursue a career that provides you with a better work-life balance.

Explore different outdoor careers

Are you tired of being cooped up in an office all day? Do you have a love for nature and the great outdoors? Then consider a career in the outdoor industry! From landscaping to wildlife photography to adventure tourism guiding, the possibilities are endless. The outdoor industry offers a plethora of exciting and fulfilling careers that allow you to spend your days surrounded by nature and doing what you love.

Imagine being able to create beautiful landscapes and transform outdoor spaces, capture stunning images of wildlife in their natural habitats, or take adrenaline-seeking tourists on once-in-a-lifetime adventures. If you’re looking for a career that combines your passion for the outdoors with your desire to make a difference, then exploring different outdoor career options may be just what you need.

Outdoor Careers; necessary skills, qualifications and experience required for each job

As a job seeker, knowing the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience required for a job can maximize your potential for success. It’s important to understand the specific requirements for each position to know what you can offer and what you need to work on. Companies are constantly looking for top talent with the right combination of skills, experience, and education.

By highlighting your strengths and aligning them with the job’s requirements, you can make a strong case to employers for why you’re the right candidate for the role. Make sure to take the time to research the position, the company, and their values to demonstrate that you’re committed to their mission and can contribute to their success. The more you know about the expectations and demands of the job, the more likely you are to become the ideal candidate.

Outdoor Careers; the best places to look for these jobs online

Looking for a job is never easy, but in today’s digital age, there are plenty of resources available online to help you find the right position. If you’re ready to take the plunge and start your job search, it’s important to know where the best places are to look. From career websites to social media platforms, there are plenty of options out there.

However, if you want to increase your chances of finding the perfect job, you need to focus your attention on the most effective channels. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to look for jobs online, so you can find the right role for you. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge or a recent graduate searching for your first job, read on to discover the top job search platforms to help you secure your dream position.

Benefits of outdoor industry jobs

Well the biggest benefit is that you won’t be spending your day staring at a computer screen in a cramped office space!

Working in the outdoor industry allows you to work amongst nature, get some much needed fresh air and sunshine, and explore different parts of the world. Plus, there’s no cap on your creativity or potential for growth. With the right skills and experience, you can take your career as far as you want it to go. Whether you’re looking for a steady job with a reputable organization or a freelance gig that gives you the freedom to explore, the outdoor industry has something for everyone.

There are also great opportunities for personal growth and development, as well as the chance to work in an ever-changing environment and make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. So if you’re looking for a career that’s full of adventure and excitement, then the outdoor industry may just be the perfect fit for you!

Conclude by providing some tips on how to make getting one of these jobs easier

If you’re interested in landing one of these coveted positions in Outdoor Careers, there are a few things you can do to up your chances. First and foremost, work on building your skillset. This might mean taking classes, getting certified in certain technologies, or simply practicing through personal projects. Additionally, networking can be a huge help.

Attend Outdoor Careers industry events and meetups, connect with professionals on LinkedIn, and seek out mentors who can offer guidance and opportunities. Finally, don’t be afraid to start small. Many people in tech started out in entry-level positions and worked their way up through hard work and dedication. With perseverance and the right approach, you can make your dream job a reality.

In conclusion, anyone interested in a career around the outdoors should consider a number of options – and with the right skills, qualifications and experience, many of these can be highly rewarding. Whether you’re an aspiring wildlife photographer or land-care professional, it is important to do your research and find out what areas are hiring before applying.

Utilize online job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn as well as freelance networks as great avenues to start looking for these outdoor jobs. Lastly, remember that persistence pays off – never give up in pursuit of your chosen outdoor career path! With all of this knowledge necessary skills, qualifications and experience required between the different careers – we hope we provided enough information help you decide which one works best for you. So don’t wait any longer! Start exploring today and make your dreams a reality.


What Outdoor Careers are there?

Working outside could cover a range of tasks, from conservation to photography. Popular outdoor jobs include wildlife management, forestry, arboriculture, land-care professionals, and many more.

Depending on the type of Outdoor Careers, you may need to have specific qualifications or certifications in order to be eligible.

Where can I find Outdoor Careers?

You can start by searching online job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Professional networks like Freelancer are also a great way to look for outdoor work opportunities. You could also attend industry events such as; conventions and festivals, to network with the right people. Additionally, social media sites like Twitter can be useful for finding opportunities.

What skills do I need to get an outdoor job?

The required skills will vary depending on the type of job you are looking for. However, some common skills that employers look for include knowledge in relevant sectors, communication skills, problem-solving capabilities and physical fitness. Additionally, having a portfolio of work that showcases your skills can be beneficial when applying for jobs.

It is also important to keep up with the latest trends in the industry to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

What qualifications do I need for Outdoor Careers?

The qualifications you need depend on the type of job you’re looking for – generally speaking however it is likely that some kind of certification or diploma may be required. Additionally, a portfolio of your work can also help you stand out when applying for outdoor jobs.

It is important to research the job requirements in detail before submitting any applications. You can also reach out to employers directly with any questions you have about qualifications and certifications needed.

What are the happiest outdoor jobs?

Some of the happiest outdoor jobs include wildlife management, forestry, arboriculture, land-care professionals and conservation. Working in these roles can be extremely rewarding as you get to work directly with nature. Other popular choices are river guide, park ranger or mountain guide – all of which provide the opportunity to explore beautiful places and interact with different people.

Additionally, photographers get to capture unique moments and create stunning images of nature. Ultimately however, it all depends on your interests – find something you love and make sure you have the right qualifications and experience to pursue it.

Why should you work outdoors?

Working outdoors offers several benefits. It provides a chance to enjoy nature and exercise while having fun. Additionally, it allows for a strong connection to the environment as natural resources thrive. Outdoor jobs can also be financially and emotionally rewarding.

What are the best paying outdoor jobs?

The best paying Outdoor Careers vary greatly depending on the type of job, qualifications and experience required. Generally speaking however, high-paying outdoor jobs tend to be in more specialized areas such as wildlife management or forestry. Additionally, careers in conservation are also quite rewarding – both financially and emotionally. Other popular Outdoor Careers choices include park ranger, river guide, mountain guide and photographer – all of which are rewarding in more ways than one. Ultimately, find something you’re passionate about and you’ll be sure to succeed.

Pros and cons of outdoor careers

Working outdoors has both advantages and disadvantages, just like most professions. When deciding whether to take up such a job, you must weigh the benefits they offer the environment against the non-standard working arrangements, inclement weather, and hazardous conditions that may be present in some roles.

You should also keep in mind that the working hours for outdoor jobs are often different from the typical 9-5 schedule of most offices. For example, boat captains may be required to work at night, on weekends, or during holidays. The following chart displays various outdoor job categories where employees mostly work in the morning, instead of at night.

A Guide To Outdoor Careers;

1.Conservation Advocate

The green industry is growing rapidly and there are many opportunities in this sector. Popular fields include forestry, landscaping, arboriculture and conservation. Conservation advocates work to protect endangered species, plant life and promotes sustainable practices and advocate for environmental causes. It’s a great way to make an impact on our planet’s future.

2. Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is a booming industry and there are plenty of jobs available for those interested in exploring the outdoors with a rewarding job. From kayaking to rafting, mountain biking to fishing; there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor activities. It’s important to have the right qualifications and certifications when applying for these roles.

3. Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is another dream job in the Outdoor Careers Industry that offers plenty of job opportunities. From teaching survival skills to working as a camp counselor; there are many different ways to get involved in this sector. Qualifications such as first aid, outdoor leadership and risk management can be beneficial when applying for these jobs.

4. Outdoor Recreation

The outdoor recreation sector is a great way to make use of your skills and experience outdoors. From climbing guides to birdwatchers, there are plenty of roles available in this field with on the job training. It’s important to have the relevant qualifications.

5. Start Your Own Business

If you’re passionate about the outdoors and have a good business sense, why not start your own outdoor business? There are plenty of possible job openings such as guiding tours, teaching classes or offering rental services. It’s important to research the market before starting any business venture.

6. A Photographer

Photography is a great way to capture stunning shots of nature and make money at the same time. If you’re skilled with a camera, you can use your talents to take beautiful pictures for clients or start your own photography business. Qualifications in photography are beneficial when applying for these jobs.

7.Biosciences and Ecology

Biosciences and ecology are two areas with plenty of job opportunities. These sectors include research, conservation and restoration work in outdoor spaces. To pursue these roles, it’s important to have a degree in relevant fields such as biology or environmental science.

8.Wildlife Management

For those who want to work closely with animals, wildlife management is an excellent option. This career includes habitat management, animal behavior research, pest control and wildlife rehabilitation. To pursue this role, it’s important to have qualifications in zoology or ecology.

9: Snowboarding Instructor

Snowboarding is a popular winter sport and there are plenty of opportunities to make money as an instructor. To become a snowboarding instructor, it’s important to have the necessary qualifications such as a ski/snowboard certification and first aid training.

10: Mountain Bike Guide

For outdoor enthusiasts, mountain biking is a thrilling sport that offers plenty of job opportunities. A mountain bike guide can lead tours, instruct beginners or work for resorts in the area. It’s important to have the relevant qualifications such as outdoor leadership and first aid.

11: Park Ranger

Park rangers are responsible for protecting nature reserves, enforcing park regulations and educating the public about conservation. To pursue this role, it’s important to have a degree in forestry or environmental science.

12: Trail Maintenance Manager

Trail maintenance is an essential part of outdoor recreation. Trail maintenance managers are responsible for maintaining trails on public and private land, as well as monitoring wildlife. To pursue this role, it’s important to have qualifications in trail maintenance and construction.

13: Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba diving offers an incredible experience in the underwater world. Scuba diving instructors are responsible for teaching people how to dive safely and correctly. To pursue this role, it’s important to have a PADI certification as well as first aid training.

14: Landscape Design

Landscape design is a great way to combine your artistic talents with the outdoors. Landscape designers create plans for outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens and recreation areas. To pursue this role, it’s important to have qualifications in landscape architecture or horticulture.

15: Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and forestry are two sectors with plenty of job opportunities. These roles involve working with crops, trees and other plants in outdoor spaces. To pursue these jobs, it’s important to have qualifications in relevant fields such as agriculture or forestry.

16. Zoology

Zoology is a fascinating area of study and there are plenty of job opportunities. These roles involve monitoring and researching animals in their natural habitats. To pursue this role, it’s important to have qualifications in zoology or ecology.

17. Botany

Botany is the study of plants and there are plenty of job opportunities in this field. These roles involve researching and monitoring plants, as well as identifying new species. To pursue this role, it’s important to have qualifications in botany or horticulture.

18. Pest Control

Pest control is a vital part of outdoor work. Pest controllers are responsible for managing pests and preventing the spread of disease in outdoor spaces. To pursue this role, it’s important to have qualifications in entomology or pest management.

19.Conservation Advocate / Non-Profit Work

If you’re interested in a fulfilling outdoor career that allows people with disabilities to learn and develop, we recommend exploring the non-profit field of environmental education. Our website includes links to top environmental groups, and you can also find information about career opportunities for both employers and staff. While some non-profit organizations offer opportunities beyond their traditional fields, others primarily focus on field-based activities.

20.Become An Environmental Engineer

One of the highest-paid jobs in the outdoor industry is that of an Environmental Engineer. This career allows me to work towards environmental conservation while earning a good salary. By analyzing the impact of waste materials, environmental engineers are able to find solutions to ecological issues. While this is a challenging field, it requires extensive education and a bachelor’s degree. For students interested in the outdoor industry, this is a great career option as it does not involve being stuck in a cramped workspace staring at a computer all day.

21.Camp Counselor

Why not set up your own summer camp for children? A camp counselor is responsible for the planning and running of activities, as well as supervising campers. This is a great way to get kids outdoors and teach them about outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, or fishing. It’s important to have qualifications in education or an outdoor activity such as canoeing or archery.

If you have fond memories of attending summer camps during your childhood, then working as a counselor at a summer camp might be a suitable career for you. As a counselor, you would offer guidance, organize activities for the campers, and ensure everyone has a fun and enjoyable time.

22.Become a Professional Geographer

If you want an Outdoor Careers to earn money outside of the university, consider studying geography. This can qualify you for a basic job as a geographer with the government, where there will be ample opportunities for advancement. Geographers are professionals who use satellite photos, maps, field trips, and censuses to track changes in the landscape.

Scientists usetheir skills to study Earth’s geographic features thoroughly and gather important data for the economy, health, and mineral processing industries. They also determine whether a land has been designated for a particular function or not and update maps regularly.

23.Firefighter or Wildland Firefighters

Firefighting jobs are available year-round and during different seasons fighting forest fires. If you are interested in pursuing a firefighting job, then fire prevention can be a very rewarding job and one of the best outdoor jobs.


Logging is one of the oldest professions and one of the most dangerous ones. Loggers can work in forests, logging companies or independently as a contractor. It’s important to have knowledge about forestry, safety procedures and good physical fitness as this job involves strenuous activity such as heavy lifting and operating machinery.

Those working independently must have business management skills as they are responsible for their own equipment, job scheduling and worker safety. Loggers must also be familiar with environmental regulations to ensure compliance while harvesting timber. If you want to work outdoors and make an impact in the forestry industry, then logging is a great career choice.

25.Dog Walker

A fun way to make money while enjoying the outdoors is to become a dog walker. It’s an ideal job for people who love animals and enjoy the outdoors. Dog walking can be done in parks, beaches or other public places with plenty of room for dogs to run around and play. You will need a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and a good understanding of safety protocols when dealing with dogs. If you’re looking for an outdoor job that involves spending time with animals, then becoming a dog walker is a great way to make money.


Being a lifeguard is one of the best jobs for those who love spending time outdoors and around water. Lifeguards use their observational skills to identify potential hazards and stay alert for people in trouble. They must be physically fit and trained in CPR, first aid and water safety protocols. In addition, they are responsible for maintaining order and taking preventive measures to ensure the safety of swimmers. If you have an interest in protecting and ensuring the safety of others while enjoying the outdoors, then becoming a lifeguard is a great job.

27.Construction Worker

If you’re looking for an outdoor job that involves physical labor and working with your hands, consider becoming a construction worker. Construction workers are responsible for building and maintaining structures, including residential and commercial buildings. They must have knowledge of various power tools and equipment, be able to lift heavy objects and have good problem-solving skills. To become a construction worker, you need to possess stamina and strength as well as a valid driver’s license. If you’re looking for an outdoor job that involves a lot of physical activity and no desk time, then becoming a construction worker may be the perfect option.

28.Meteorologists And Climatologists

Meteorology and climatology are related fields of study that involve researching the atmosphere and climate. Meteorologists study short-term weather patterns while climatologists analyze long-term climate trends.

These professionals use their knowledge to help predict hurricanes, thunderstorms and other atmospheric events. To become a meteorologist or climatologist, you will need a degree in meteorology or climatology and knowledge of computers, mathematics and physics. If you are interested in researching the outdoors and have an interest in science, then this field could be a good fit for you.

29.Hiking Guide

Hiking guides are responsible for leading groups of hikers on outdoor excursions. They must be knowledgeable about the area, have good leadership skills and know how to handle emergencies. Guides need to plan routes, provide information about the terrain and wildlife, identify safe camping sites and ensure that all participants follow safety procedures. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast and enjoy leading people, then becoming a hiking guide can be an exciting job.

30.Ski careers

If you’re looking for a job that involves spending time in the mountains, then consider becoming a ski instructor. Ski instructors teach skiing and snowboarding to beginners and advanced skiers alike. They must be knowledgeable about ski equipment, terrain and safety protocols. To become an instructor, you need to have experience skiing or snowboarding as well as specialized training. If you’re looking for an outdoor job that involves teaching others, then consider becoming a ski instructor.

31.Fishing Guide

If you have a passion for fishing and the outdoors, becoming a fishing guide can be a great job. Fishing guides lead clients on excursions to catch fish in specific areas. They must be knowledgeable about the waters they are fishing in, have experience with different types of tackle and equipment, and know how to safely operate a boat. Fishing guides need to have patience and excellent customer service skills as well. If you love being around water and want to share your knowledge with others, then becoming a fishing guide is an ideal job.

32.Surfing Instructor

Surfing instructors lead clients on surfing excursions and teach them the basics of riding waves. They must be knowledgeable about ocean safety, tides, currents and equipment. To become a surfing instructor, you need to possess good knowledge of surf technique as well as strong communication skills. If you’re an experienced surfer who loves spending time in the ocean and helping others learn, then becoming a surfing instructor could be the perfect job for you.

33.Climbing Instructor

Climbing instructors lead clients on rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering excursions. They must be knowledgeable about different types of equipment, safety protocols and the terrain they are teaching on. To become a climbing instructor, you need to have experience in various climbing disciplines as well as strong communication skills. If you’re an experienced climber who loves sharing your knowledge with others, then becoming a climbing instructor is an ideal job.

34.Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife biologists study the behavior and habitats of animals in their natural environments. They use their findings to help manage wildlife populations and protect endangered species. To become a wildlife biologist, you need to have a degree in wildlife management or a related field. Additionally, you need to be knowledgeable about the biology and behavior of animals as well as have good research skills. If you’re passionate about animals and enjoy conducting research, then this job could be perfect for you.


Beekeepers are responsible for managing and tending to beehives. They need to have knowledge of bee biology, hive management and pest control. To become a beekeeper, you need to have experience in the field as well as specialized training. If you’re interested in beekeeping and want to help protect bees, then this could be an ideal job for you.


Geoscientists study the physical aspects of the earth, including rocks and minerals. They use their findings to identify resources, understand geological processes and mitigate hazards. To become a geoscientist, you need to have a degree in geology or a related field as well as specialized training. If you’re interested in science and want to help protect the environment, then becoming a geoscientist could be a great job for you.

37.Eco Tourism Guide

Eco Tourism Guides take clients on tours of natural environments and educate them about the environment. They must have knowledge of local flora and fauna as well as experience with outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking and bird watching. To become an eco tourism guide, you need to have good communication skills and a passion for the outdoors. Set up a business to take people out on nature tours and help protect the environment.

38.Glamping Buisness Owner

Glamping is a type of outdoor camping that combines the traditional elements of camping with luxury amenities. Glamping business owners need to be knowledgeable about outdoor activities and have an understanding of hospitality services. To start a glamping business, you need to have a business plan and experience in both hospitality services and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and kayaking. If you’re an experienced outdoors person who loves the idea of running a business, then becoming a glamping business owner could be perfect for you.

39.Land Manager

Land managers are responsible for the management, development and protection of land. They monitor the environment and create plans for managing it in a sustainable way. To become a land manager, you need to have experience in land management as well as knowledge of local laws and regulations. If you’re interested in protecting natural areas and preserving wildlife, then being a land manager could be an ideal Outdoor Careers job for you.

Outdoor Careers Industry sectors

Opportunities for employment outdoors typically include construction, leisure and hospitality, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, transportation and warehousing, utilities, agriculture, forestry and fishing.

This is a growing industry, with many jobs to be had in the outdoors. Whether you are looking for a full-time career or a part-time job, there is something out there that fits your interests and skill set.

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