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Katharine Gallagher

Katharine Gallagher is an SEO content writer who is also a qualified and experienced career professional, educator, and business growth specialist. Here, she explores all related areas connected to her skill set.

With a Post Graduate Certificate in Career Guidance Counselling and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, along with 15 years of experience helping motivated people to skill up, grow their businesses, and find their right career path.

Career, Education and Business Content Writing

I use my expertise to grow your career.

Advice and tips on key areas such as

Career Choice

Knowing what Career Direction you want to take is key, but it’s not easy to always know what career path you want to take. There are so many factors to take into account and decisions to make; do you want to work from home as a remote-worker, follow a hybrid model of working, or do you prefer the community and social aspects of being office-based? What jobs are there on offer in each sector and what are the salaries and benefits? Could you become a freelancer and become self-employed? Can you make that side hustle pay?

Get Skilled

For every pathway there is a set of required skills, and the more specialized the job, the more training you may need. You may need to upskill through an online course, gain a trade qualification, or find the right university’s Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or Master’s program. Exam Success is achievable with the right education, tips, and tools.

Career Success

Recruitment is about making connections, putting yourself out there, and showcasing your skills. Here you will find help to polish your Resume/CV, navigate the top recruitment sites or virtual job fairs, and deliver at interview. Once in the door, help is on hand to gain Career Success by developing your skills, honing your talents, and highlighting your productivity within your field. Hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates alike will benefit!

Business Set-Up

You may choose to become your own boss, create your own start-up, or even launch a franchise. If so, you may need some help with your Business Development. Here are the tools, reviews and advice you need to help you start and grow your business. From Marketing, E-Commerce, Sales, HR, Logistics, Tech, Management, and Accounting, there’s advice on all the key areas you need to master.

Professional Growth

Achieve the career you want with help and advice on your own Personal Growth within your career. Do you want to make a career change or take some time out? Do you want to have the confidence to get promoted or make more money? Professional Development goals such as improving your daily work performance, gaining more public-speaking experience or building personal connections help you get more satisfaction from your career and help you grow as a person through continual self-improvement.

Business Software

Professional Software

Business software is an essential tool for businesses in today’s tech-driven world. Business software helps you hack productivity by automating tedious tasks, streamlining processes and allowing organizations to access real-time data. It enables companies to launch and grow, remain competitive in their respective markets, and keep organized in the face of ever-growing customer demands. If you are not using the latest software to grow your business, then you need to! In the blog we’ve got you covered with all you need to know.

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Career, Education and Business Content Writing

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