Gap Year Ideas: Career Growth Potential

gap year ideas

A Gap Year Can Bridge Your Employment Gap – and it could even be good for your career!

A Gap Year is a time for exploration, change and adventure. Gap Year Ideas can be thought of and taken at any point in your life to achieve personal goals or to take advantage of the opportunity to develop new skills, broaden horizons or simply have an amazing experience.

They can even improve your career prospects by enhancing  your work experience, adding new skills to your resume and building international connections. Gap years are not just about taking time out from work – they offer so much more than that! 

Here are some stand-out reasons why actioning thosed Gap Year Ideas could work out good for your career: 

1) Bridge Your Employment Gap:

By taking a gap year you will show employers that you’re committed and interested in employment opportunities; this will help them see what great potential you would bring to their company. 

2) Learn New Skills:

You will be constantly learning new things on your Gap year, whether it’s through travel or volunteering; these are skills that you can add to your resume to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

3) Make new connections:  

Gap years are a great way to meet new people, many of whom you will stay in touch with for life. Gap year connections can be invaluable when it comes to job opportunities and forming professional networks. 

4) Broaden your horizons:  

Gap years are all about learning new things and having amazing experiences. Gap years will allow you to discover the world, meet different kinds of people and gain a deeper understanding of your place in it .

5) Take time for yourself:  

Gap years are a great way to ‘find yourself’ and allow you to return from your Gap year feeling refreshed, ready for anything and with many new skills in tow.

6) Grow as a person:

Gap years are about finding yourself and personal growth. Gap years will test you in ways you never thought possible but that’s all part of the fun!

7) Have an amazing experience:  

Gap years are about having fun and enjoying life. Gap years have been enjoyed by many but they’re a great way to do something different if you feel like your career is lacking a bit of excitement!

How To Bridge Your Employment Gap with a Gap Year

If you are thinking about taking a gap year, it’s important to know what your options are. Not all gap years require long-term adventure travel and not all of them will benefit your career growth in the future. If you do want to take some time off between jobs or educational programs but don’t quite have enough money  saved up to take a full year off, there are other options available. There are opportunities to work and travel  abroad or simply take some time off in your own country and explore a work placement right for you.

It’s important to look into all of your options before deciding on the best way to bridge an employment gap . Don’t rush into anything, but also don’t let yourself stay stuck in one place because you’re afraid that taking a break will hurt your resume when applying for new jobs.

What should I do on my gap year? 

Here are some ideas of how you could spend 12 months away from paid work:

– Teach English as a foreign language abroad 

– Work in the travel industry, hiring staff or doing hotel management 

– Volunteer at an animal shelter/ wildlife conservation project 

– Volunteer for a social or environmental cause 

– Gap year Asia, Gap Year Australia or Gap Year the USA. 

There are many more possibilities of what you could do with your gap year but these ideas give you an idea of how doing something different can be beneficial to you & where it might take you!

Where should I visit on my gap year?   

The world is wide open to you and your travel plans.  Gap years are a great opportunity to explore the world and make long lasting memories. 

Some of our favourite Gap Year options include: 

Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands; 

Gap year ideas could involve working with children in Cambodia or volunteering on an organic farm in New Zealand. Traveling to Thailand and spending time living amongst Buddhist monks is another great idea for someone interested in history; many temples are open to tourists who wish to learn about Buddhism first-hand!  Gap year ideas could also include spending time in Sydney, exploring the famous Bondi Beach and meeting new people at a Gap Year Workaway. Australia is known for its friendly and relaxed culture! 


Gap year ideas might involve taking a Gap Year in Europe and exploring the many countries of this diverse continent.  Gap year ideas might include volunteering in Romania with animals, spending time exploring the beautiful cities of Italy and Germany or visiting Ireland where travelers can enjoy hiking through stunning countryside. Gap years offer you such a diverse range of options so choose something that interests you! 


Gap Year Ideas for those interested in history could involve taking a Gap Year trip to China where travelers can visit the Terracotta Army, The Great Wall of China and spend time learning about one of the oldest civilizations on Earth.

Costa Rica;  

Gap year ideas could include volunteering at an animal sanctuary or staying with a Gap Year Workaway family and learning Spanish. Gap years allow you to try new things, so why not come face-to-face with monkeys in Costa Rica! 


Gap year ideas might include Gap Year volunteering in Nepal where travelers can get involved with projects such as healthcare, education and the environment. Gap years offer you a chance to explore different cultures while enjoying new experiences! 


Gap year ideas could be spent working on a farm in South Africa or taking time out of your Gap Year for some surfing  in Zanzibar. Or looking after elephants  in Botswana, Gap Years are such a diverse experience and many Gap Year travelers find themselves never wanting to leave!

Or choose India where travelers can explore the capital of Delhi and visit some of the world’s most famous religious sites!  Gap Year Ideas include spending time living in a Buddhist temple, volunteering with street children or visiting the Taj Mahal. Gap years can be spent doing anything you want! 

South America;

Gap years spent here could include spending time working on an organic farm in Chile, volunteering with animals at a wildlife sanctuary in Argentina or teaching English to children living in favelas (Brazil). South America is home to some  of the world’s most beautiful and unique wildlife, as well as fascinating ancient history. Gap years spent here could include volunteering with animals in Colombia or visiting Machu Picchu (Peru).


Gap year ideas might include working on a ranch and the famous Rocky Mountains, volunteering with animals in British Columbia or spending time hiking through stunning Canadian wilderness. Or even choose to work a ski season and learn how to ski! Gap years could also involve exploring Canada’s cities; Gap Year Travellers should consider visiting Montreal (Quebec) where travelers can enjoy French-Canadian cuisine and speak to locals in their native tongue.

Choosing a Gap Year destination is not an easy task. Once you have made your travel plans, the next step is to start planning for work abroad opportunities during your Gap Year or break from education. A Gap year provides great opportunities to explore new things and learn about yourself in ways that are just not possible

Why Internships, Volunteering And Working Abroad Are Important For Your Career

Gap year ideas which you could consider taking include internships, volunteering and working abroad to help increase your employability skills as well as broaden your horizons. Gap years are becoming more common place with students starting to take them at higher numbers. 

Internships are a great way to get into the industry and gain experience while at university. They help you understand what it’s like in that profession which can be beneficial when choosing your final career path. Gap years also give students the opportunity to do an internship abroad or within another country, giving them more exposure. Gap year employers who offer internships will often pay for students to go and work with them which is a great incentive. 

Volunteering is a great way to help the community and make a difference. Gap years for students who want to volunteer can range from staying in one country, like Kenya, and building houses with Habitat For Humanity (an international non-profit organisation) or volunteering at an orphanage abroad which will give you valuable life experiences that you wouldn’t get back home.

Working Abroad Gap years are becoming more common place for students who want to work abroad while taking time out of their studies.  Gap years for students who want to work abroad can range from places like Australia where there is a high demand for Gap year temporary jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry.

What are the advantages of taking a gap year?

 Gap years are becoming increasingly common for young people who wish to contribute something of value back into society, do not feel ready to commit themselves straight away towards a full-time career or simply want some time out before university. Gap year ideas can be wide and varied but there are certain things that everyone should consider when taking their gap year. Gap years have  become increasingly popular and can provide you with a number of benefits to your career. Gap years allow people the opportunity to discover what they want from their future, whether it be further education or gaining work experience in order to decide on a career path before committing themselves fully. Gap year ideas enable students who have been out of school for some time to find their  feet again, to re-enter the system and learn about what is expected of them by today’s society. Gap years are good for your mental health as they can give you time away from academic pressure or even too much commitment which could leave you feeling overwhelmed. Gap year ideas allow people who want to travel more freely without having to worry about  working long hours in order to afford their travels. Gap years allow people the chance to meet new friends and escape from any pre-existing social groups that they may not feel comfortable around or simply do not get along with. Gap year ideas can help you gain self confidence, open your mind up through exploring different cultures and meeting new people of all backgrounds.

What to do in a gap year with no money? 

This is not an uncommon question. Gap years are becoming more and more popular, especially among high school graduates students who have just graduated from university or college. Gap year ideas often include traveling abroad which can be expensive – but taking a gap year doesn’t always mean having to travel the world! There are other options that will allow you to take time off work without having to spend a ton of money. Gap year ideas include:

– Volunteering abroad – often food and accommodation  is provided while you work. Gap year organizations will often provide a small allowance for your time and hard work, plus some extra money to spend on activities during your free time

– Working on an organic farm in your local area means that you can lower costs by staying in your local area. Gap year ideas don’t have to be far away. Gap years are often about broadening horizons, learning new skills and meeting new people – working on an organic farm will allow you to do all three! Plus it’s a great way to meet other Gap year travelers who are doing the same thing

– Teaching English as a foreign language online or at home for native speakers of other languages means you can earn and meet  new people at the same time. 

-Work at a summer camp and earn money as you gain new skills and meet new friends.

– Taking up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time or immerse yourself in your passions such as photography or surfing.

– Getting a job for the summer and then using your earnings to travel or do something you’ve always wanted to try, like skydiving or marine conservation. 

Gap years are not only about traveling; they’re also about having an amazing time while taking time out of your usual schedule in order to learn new skills and grow as a person – all without  having to spend a ton of money. 

Is it a good idea to take a gap year?

Taking some time out from your studies or career by taking a gap year is a fantastic way to take some time out, explore new interests and gain life experience. Gap year benefits include building your confidence, experiencing something different from what you’re used to on an everyday basis and learning more about yourself. Gap years can also be good for your career by giving you the opportunity to add value through skills learned while  on your gap year. Gap years can be taken throughout the world and you might benefit from having a specific goal in mind such as learning an additional language or gaining life experience for example.

Gap Years and Coronavirus

Coronavirus has swept across the globe and has caused a pandemic, with thousands of people dying from it making traveling more difficult. The advice is to  stay up-to-date with the latest information from local governments and get vaccinated to make travelling easier and safer for everyone.

Best Gap Year Ideas for programs; 

Gap 360

Decide if you want to go with a structured gap year program that has the option of an internship and will give you work experience in your field. This is perfect for those who are unsure what they want to do after college, Gap 360 offers internships within their network so when it comes  time to apply for a job in the future, you will have this on your resume. Gap 360 has countless locations around the world and is an incredible way to spend a year. 

Gap Year Asia

If you are interested in traveling but don’t want to go it alone then Gap Year Asia is perfect for you! This program offers up  to 200 different trips and activities throughout Asia. Gap Year Asia has a trip for everyone, from hiking to visiting orphanages and even learning how to dive! Gap year programs like this are perfect because you will make friends with people who share similar interests as well as broaden your horizons through travel.

Gap Year Colombia

If you want the option of earning money Gap Year Colombia is perfect for you! Gap year programs like this are designed around giving travelers the opportunity to work in exchange for accommodation. Gap Year Colombia has a variety of different types of jobs so there’s something for everyone, from being an English teacher or working on a farm.


Another incredible gap year program . Gapyear is based in Africa and has one of the best gap year programs. Gap Year Africa offers up to 5000 different experiences which you can choose from, such as volunteering at an orphanage or even taking a photography course! Gap Year Africa also has multiple locations around South Africa so there’s something for everyone.

Gap Years Australia 

If you are looking for a structured gap year program Gap Years Australia has some of the best programs. Gap Year Australis is perfect because they offer up to 100 different trips and activities, whether it’s learning how to surf or volunteering at an animal refuge Gap Years Australia can help you find something that interests you! Gap Year Programs like this are  perfect because you will make friends with people who share similar interests as well as broaden your horizons through travel.

Good luck choosing, it’s such an exciting time in your life!

Link – And as for the worry that a temporary step away from formal schooling might cause people to abandon the academic track altogether, some 90% of gap-year takers return to college within a year. (

Link – Perhaps the following is an indication as to why…Amazing Fact #2: 60% of gap year students said that they took their academics more seriously after taking a year out from education. (

Link – Why not organise some sponsored fundraising events if your gap involves volunteering with a good cause.20% of parents decide to help fund their child’s gap yearBritish parents spend as much as £995 million a year helping to fund gap years. (

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