16 Easy Jobs That Pay Well

easy jobs that pay well

Many people think that they need to go back to school in order to find work. While there are many jobs that do require a college degree, there are also plenty of high-paying, easy jobs that don’t require one! Check out these 16 Easy, High Paying Easy Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree for inspiration!

There are tons of great Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree! …and some don’t even require a high school diploma either!

According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ‘there are plenty of occupations you can enter without a high school diploma or more education (…) there will be more than 6 million openings each year, on average, from 2016 to 2026 in occupations that typically don’t require a formal educational credential—such as a high school diploma, a certificate, or a degree—for entry.’1

Source: Sun.co.uk2

Here are 16 Easy, High-Paying Jobs You Don’t Need a College Degree For

House Sitter

Many people enjoy pet sitting, which involves watching someone else’s pets while they go out of town for short or long periods. Many house sitters also water plants and bring in the mail when necessary.

It can be a great Easy Job That Pays Well Without A College Degree. House sitters earn about $36 per hour on average, but the industry is currently growing around 20% each year!

Dog Walker

A lot of people have pets that need to get out and go for walks every day. Dog walking involves taking those pets out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Many Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree can be found in dog walking! Dog walkers earn about $18 per hour on average, which is not bad at all! It’s also an industry that pays well and is growing rapidly as well—up to 25% annually!

Work for Amazon

Amazon is always on the lookout for new talent. Part-time jobs with Amazon can be Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree, but they are competitive to get into because of how many people are trying! You have to pass a qualification test that covers math and reading comprehension in order to qualify. If you do  pass it, you can pick up shifts at Amazon warehouses.

Working for Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree with Amazon is a great option if you need flexibility and want to work part-time! They have plenty of Easy High-Paying Easy Jobs openings right now, but be ready to compete for them!

Insurance Claim Reps

Insurance claim reps are Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree, and a great option if you have some office experience. The job entails going over an accident or injury with the claimant to determine what damage was caused by that person or company. You work directly for insurance companies to help clients get the compensation they deserve!

Many Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree can be found among insurance claim reps. Insurance claim reps earn about $15 per hour on average, but keep this in mind: it’s a competitive industry, so you need to have some experience or education before applying for these openings.

Work as a Film and TV Extra

Working Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree in the entertainment industry is more common than you think! Many people who are looking for Easy High-Paying Easy Jobs work as extras on film sets. You can either apply through your local union or online with an agency; no experience is necessary!

Film and TV extras Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree usually pay the minimum wage, which is $13 per hour as of now. But if you work on a movie or show that’s popular enough, it could lead to more opportunities!

Be a Youtuber

YouTube has become one of the most dynamic places for  Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree. Easy High-Paying Easy Job opportunities are plentiful, and it’s one of the most popular jobs for younger people today.

Youtubers earn an average salary of $25 per hour doing something they love! However, YouTube is a very competitive platform; you need to make sure your channel and ideas for content are on point and you’re willing to put in the work.

Long-Distance Driver

Easy High-Paying Easy Job opportunities are available for those who want flexibility and lots of free time! Long-distance truck drivers can make up to $60,000 each year with a relatively Easy Job.

Long-distance truck drivers are Easy Jobs With Flexibility which means you can be home every night! The job entails driving around the country with a load of goods to drop off at various locations, then picking up another load for delivery somewhere else—all while getting paid well and having lots of free time!

Overnight Service Reps

Overnight service reps handle complaints and questions for companies over the phone, then resolve any issues that come up with customers.  Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree are available in this field, and the average salary is $21 per hour!

You don’t need any prior experience to start—just some customer service experience, and most overnight service reps work from home!

Direct Sales Reps

Easy High-Paying Easy Job opportunities exist in direct sales, which is selling products directly to customers instead of through a store or online retailer. Direct sales reps can make $25,000 in their Easy Job each year!

People start out with direct sales reps part-time while still working another job until they build up enough clients to work on the business full-time or just for themselves.


Technicians handle equipment maintenance for companies so they run smoothly day to day. You are needed to monitor equipment, make repairs when necessary and solve any problems that come up.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree are available for technicians who have a background in mechanical or electronical engineering with the equivalent of high school physics and chemistry. The job of technicians is growing quickly due to the demand for more automation in industrial settings! As a technician, you’ll need at least some on-the-job training at entry level.

Massage Therapist

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree are available in the healthcare industry for those who want to help people feel better! Massage therapists earn an average salary of $35 per hour.

You don’t need any formal education or certification to enter the massage therapy field, but there are lots of training programs that you can sign up for to get started.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers in Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree have a unique opportunity to earn a lot of money. They work on social media accounts for companies and make sure content is running smoothly across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Easy High-Paying Easy Job opportunities are available in this field; the average salary is $37 per hour!

There are online courses that provide training, but you really need to have experience with marketing and be comfortable on Facebook or Twitter. You can either freelance or work for an established company; it’s up to your preference!

Video Gamer

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree exist in video gaming but they’re not as Easy As You Might Think. If you’re a skilled gamer and can land sponsorship deals with gaming companies, then you might be able to make tons of money through playing video games!

What do I mean by ‘skilled’ though? The average salary for gamers is $75,000 each year, but the skill level is much higher than you might think, and there are specific training courses online if you are interested.

Easy High-Paying Easy Job opportunities exist for gamers who have a large following on YouTube and Twitch so they can be sponsored by gaming companies to play their products!

Flight Attendant

You do not need a college degree to work in this field, especially since it’s  Easy High-Paying Easy Job opportunities. The average salary of an airline flight attendant is $37,000 per year!

You just need to learn the safety guidelines and be able to work well with others in this customer service focused position.

Elevator Installer

Another Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree is being an elevator installer, where the average salary is $33 per hour. You don’t need any prior experience to work as an Easy Job, but you will need a license from the Bureau of Elevator Safety and some basic math.

You’ll have opportunities in both new construction and existing buildings—it’s just really based on your preference!

Power Plant Operator

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree are available in this field, where the average salary is $75,000 each year. You need to be able to work well in a team and have at least some college education.

Job opportunities exist for power plant operators who want to work on the side as licensed electricians or pipe fitters!

In Conclusion

So there you have it. House-Sitters, Dog Walkers & More!

Not everyone wants to or has to get a college degree to be able to get a job. There are lots of high-paying easy jobs that don’t require you to have one! Whether you are starting out  in your career, looking for a new job, or just trying to find something better than what you have right now. A mid-life career change doesn’t mean you have to go back to school.

What Easy Job That Pays Well could be a good fit for you?

The most important thing you can do when looking Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without A College Degree is to have a plan for how you’ll get into your chosen field.

There are so many Easy High-Paying Easy Job opportunities out there if you look hard enough!


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