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employee handbook

‘Onboarding handbooks constitute a very important and powerful tool in the socialization and integration processes of recruits implemented by Human Resources.’1

Creating the perfect employee handbook is essential for any business onboarding newly recruited staff.

Not only does it provide your new team members with all the information they need to understand the company policies and procedures, but it also serves as a point of reference should questions arise in the future.

Before you create an employee handbook, there are some steps you need to follow that will ensure you have a comprehensive document that covers all areas, from the code of conduct to resignations.

In this blog post, we’ll go through everything you need so that the hiring process, from recruitment to finding new colleagues, runs smoothly and efficiently with no misunderstandings or complications down the line.

According to Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice2 policies should be published in an employee handbook or as a separate document’.

Employee Handbook Template Sections

Company Details

This section should include all the relevant information for new employees about your company, such as its legal name and address, and detail all the basics.

  • Company’s Mission Statement
  • Company philosophy
  • Basics of your organization: company name, address and contact information
  • A brief outline of what the company does
  • Company rules
  • The structure of the organisation, eg: internal departments, hierarchy of roles
  • Lines of reporting
  • Detail any exempt employees or state that there are non-exempt employees
  • State any relevant legal requirements.

Job Expectations

Clearly define the roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations for new employees. This section should provide a detailed description of the job duties, performance metrics, and any specific guidelines or protocols that need to be followed.3

  • Roles
  • Duties
  • Responsibilities
  • Performance expectations
  • Protocols

Employment Policies and Procedures

This section outlines how employees should behave at work and what is expected of them in terms of conduct. It should also contain details regarding any company policies, such as sick leave, holidays, and hours of work.

Outline the organization’s policies and procedures that are relevant to new employees. This may include information on attendance, dress code, workplace safety, confidentiality, and the use of company resources.4

  • Working hours (paid time or overtime)
  • Holidays, sickness and other absences, eg: jury duty
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Dress code
  • Health & Workplace safety regulations
  • Discrimination policies
  • Social media guidelines
  • Data protection rules
  • Confidentiality policy
  • Alcohol and drug policies
  • Grievance procedures
  • Disciplinary actions/procedures


This section will outline any additional employee benefits or perks that your company offers, such as health insurance, pension plans, or discounts on products or services.

Provide information about the employee benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and any other perks or incentives offered by the organization.5

  • Eligible employee
  • Rewards and incentives
  • Health insurance
  • Pension plan
  • Discounts on products or services
  • Gym membership/fitness classes
  • Travel expenses

Code of Conduct

This section outlines the acceptable standards of behavior for employees when it comes to their interactions with colleagues and customers. 

It should also include information about disciplinary procedures and grievance handling. This is important so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

  • Professional Employee Behavior
  • Respect for colleagues and customers
  • Confidentiality of data, information and documents
  • Professionalism when dealing with customers or suppliers
  • No harassment or discrimination of any kind
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment
  • Respect for company property
  • No illegal behaviour according to federal law


This section should describe any monitoring and training measures that the company provides in order to ensure employees are meeting expectations.

  • Employee performance expectations
  • Performance management processes
  • Courses or workshops available to your team
  • Appraisals and reviews
  • Any relevant certification or qualifications required
  • Mentoring opportunities


This section should include any measures taken to ensure that employees are in a safe and healthy environment.

  • Mental health support
  • Nutrition plans
  • Smoking and vaping policies
  • Wellbeing workshops or Away days
  • Stress relief opportunities


This section should provide information about any pension plans that are offered by the company. This will ensure that employees understand their options and have the necessary support to make informed decisions.

  • Types of pension plan available
  • Enrolment requirements
  • Contribution amounts


It should provide clear information about how to submit a formal letter of resignation and any related procedures.

  • How to submit a formal letter of resignation
  • Notice period requirements
  • Disciplinary action if notice not given or breached
  • Any other relevant policies or regulations

It is important to note that this information should be clear, concise, and easy to understand for new employees. It should also be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure it is up-to-date.

Template for Employee Handbook Outlines

It is best practice to inform employees of the employment policies in their employee handbooks, which you provide employees on their first day at work.

Company Details and Policies

Welcome to our company! We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to all of our customers.

Our mission statement is to offer quality products and services that will exceed your expectations.

As a team, we strive to embody our core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of our business.

We believe in creating a positive work environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

Our vision is to become a leader in our industry and to provide innovative solutions to our customers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help in any way we can.

Outline Code of Conduct

Every employee must adhere to our Code of Conduct, and any breaches should be reported to a supervisor immediately.

All employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner, both inside and outside the office.

Discrimination against any member of the team or customers is not tolerated.

We will not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying at work.

No inappropriate language should be used.

Equal opportunity is of utmost importance, and we ensure that all team members are treated fairly.

No illegal activities, according to federal and state laws, will be tolerated in the workplace.

Obey safety rules.

Explain Benefits and Perks

We are dedicated to our team’s wellbeing, and we offer a range of benefits and perks.

These include medical insurance coverage for all employees, competitive salaries, retirement plans, flexible working hours, and professional development opportunities.

We also provide free meals in the office canteen twice a week and discounts on local services and products.

Employee health is important, so we provide gym memberships and dental and vision coverage.

Travel allowances and paid time for travel is included at a competitive rate.

Detail Monitoring and Training Policies

At our company, we have dedicated training courses and workshops available for all staff members, aimed at improving their skills and knowledge.

Performance reviews take place on a regular basis to ensure that our team is meeting expectations.

We also provide software tools to monitor employees’ productivity and help them work more efficiently.

Discuss Employee Wellbeing

We believe in creating a workplace that promotes good physical and mental health.

We offer free wellness workshops, comprehensive medical health insurance coverage, and flexible working hours to ensure our employees have the necessary support.

We also provide nutrition plans as well as stress relief activities such as yoga classes or massages.

Healthy snack options are always available at the office canteen.

We are committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.

Include Pensions Information

Our company provides a range of pension plans to suit the different needs of our employees.

These include personal pensions, employer contributions, and stakeholder pensions.

Enrollment requirements vary by plan, and contribution amounts are determined by age and salary.

We encourage all team members to become informed about their options in order to make an informed decision.

Resignation Policy

We understand that sometimes our employees may need to resign from their positions.

If this is the case, we require a formal letter of resignation to be submitted at least two weeks prior to your intended last day of work.

Any notice periods not given or breached will result in disciplinary action according to our company policies.

I hope this example of a free employee handbook template has been helpful. It is important to make sure that all the relevant policies and regulations are included in your own employee handbook. 

This will ensure you have a clear, up-to-date document that outlines what is expected from each team member.

In Conclusion

Crafting an employee handbook is essential to cultivate strong teams and build trust with employees.

This Template for Employee Handbook provides an accessible avenue for employers keen on creating mutually beneficial relationships with their teams.

By creating a clear comprehensive employee handbook employers have the potential to create workplaces that foster engagement, commitment, creativity, and productivity which ultimately leads to better business.


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